original, classical and traditional design

What is the Cross of Saint Benedict? Saint Benedict’s Cross
is one of the most common and best known Catholic medals.
It is dedicated to Holy Cross and the father of western monasticism
– Saint Benedict of Nursia. The exact time and date of
the making of the first Saint Benedict Medal are not clear, but
the medal was already popular as early as in the 17th century. It
secures numerous spiritual graces and blessings. Its design was
defined in Pope’s letter (the brief) in 1742. The medal belongs
to sacramentals that is sacred signs which enable you to receive
grace of God and collaborate with it (CCC 1667-1679). It is usually
carried about the person, around the neck, but monks pin it
down to their belts. Besides it may be placed somewhere in your
home; for example on the wall or above the door. But it should
be blessed by a priest first.

More in the leaflet about the Medal: BENEDICTINE MEDAL - ORIGINAL DESIGN

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